David J Smith University Of Glasgow

David J Smith University Of Glasgow

Professor David Smith

Professor – Alex Nove Chair in Russian and East European Studies (Central and East European Studies)

telephone: 0141 5254
email: David.Smith@glasgow.ac.uk

Research interests

Research Interests

  • Contemporary history, politics and international relations of the Baltic States
  • Nationalism and national identity in CEE and the Former Soviet Union
  • Regionalism in the Baltic Sea Area
  • International politics of the Former Soviet Union
  • International influences on processes of post-communist transformation in Central and Eastern Europe, with particular reference to issues of democratisation, minority rights and ethnic conflict regulation
  • Russian-speaking minorities in Estonia and Latvia


Undergraduate Teaching

  • Central and East European Studies Joint Honours Pr
  • Central and East European Studies Level 1
  • Central and East European Studies Level 2
  • Statehood, Nationality and Identity: The Baltic States since 1918

David J Smith University Of Glasgow

Postgraduate Teaching

  • Thematic Issues in Russian, Central and East European Studies
  • Research Methods for Studying Russian and Central and Eastern Europe

Additional information

Able to comment for the media on:

  • Contemporary History, Politics and International Relations of the Baltic States
  • Russian-speaking minorities in Estonia and Latvia
  • Regionalism and Identity Politics in the Baltic Sea Area


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David J Smith University Of Glasgow


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