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Cranfield University VAT Number

Cranfield Management Development Limited,
National Westminster Bank plc, 49 High Street, Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire
England MK17 8YX

Sort Code: 60-06-56
Account Number: 00218081
IBAN: GB74 NWBK 6006 5600 2180 81
VAT Registration Number: GB 168 4854 63

Payment may also be made by Visa, American Express or Mastercard.

4.3 All charges are exclusive of Value Added Tax which will be added at the ruling rate at time of invoice.

5. Cancellation and Termination

5.1. Every effort will be made to avoid cancellation charges. If late cancellation occurs the following sliding scale of charges will operate.

Notice Period % Booking Fee Charged
43 days or more 0
42-29 days 25
28-15 days 50
14 days or less 100

5.2 This Agreement may be terminated or suspended by mutual consent of the Parties. Any late cancellation charges will apply. Any termination or suspension of the Agreement shall be without prejudice to any rights which may have accrued to either Party prior to such termination or suspension.

5.3 Credit notes will be issued to the Client for any outstanding credit balances after deduction of fees as specified above. Such credit notes must be used within two (2) years from the date of your Programme. In the event that they remain unclaimed after two (2) years Cranfield will gift them to Cranfield University an educational charity. In the event that the Client requests a cash refund, such refund will be subject to an administration fee of £30 (plus VAT).

5.4 Further, either Party may without prejudice to any other rights and remedies in respect of any breach or non-observance of any of the covenants or obligations herein contained by notice in writing to the other Party terminate the Contract forthwith if:-

(i) the other Party shall commit any breach of any of the terms and conditions (including without limitation terms concerning the time for payment of the Agreement price) of this Agreement between them and on its part to be observed or performed provided if such breach is remediable that notice thereof has previously been given and the same has not been remedied within seven days thereafter;

(ii) the other Party shall present a petition or have a petition presented by a creditor for its winding-up or voluntary winding-up or shall enter into any liquidation (other than for the purposes of a bona fide reconstructions or amalgamation);

(iii) the Client or Delegate should behave in a manner prejudicial to Cranfield Management Development Limited or Cranfield University