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Cranfield University Student Union

The Cranfield Students Association (CSA) is the students’ union of Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, England and is based in building 114 close to the centre of the campus. The CSA runs the main student bar on the Cranfield campus. The CSA functions as both the main campus bar and the main campus club. There is a well-attended night every Friday night which usually lasts for about one hour before the bar closes between 1am and 2am.

Welcome to Cranfield Students’ Association (or CSA as most people like to call it)

As a student of Cranfield University, you are automatically a member of Cranfield Students’ Association.

We are here to ensure your experience of Cranfield University is the best that it can be.

A few basic facts.

CSA is a student-led, democratic organisation. As such, each year you have the opportunity to elect fellow students (or stand yourself!) as student officers who listen to and represent your voice on the issues that matter most to you at a local, regional and national level. Find out more about your student officer teams here.

CSA is a charity. We receive an annual grant from the University but also run commercial services to fund student activities and improve the Association’s facilities and services. These include democracy, academic representation, campaigning, entertainments and clubs & societies support. We are a not-for-profit organisation so every penny you spend with us is an extra penny for improvement and support.

As the CSA is student-led, your involvement, at whatever level, is crucial! There aren’t loads of staff here, so the more you get involved with the CSA during your time at University, the more you can make things happen.


Cranfield campus

  • Accommodation options for single students on campus
  • Mitchell Hall
  • Stringfellow Hall
  • Lanchester Hall
  • Chilver Hall
  • Shared houses
  • Accommodation options for families and couples on campus
  • Fedden House
  • Family houses
  • Accommodation options off-campus

There are various options in surrounding villages, particularly Cranfield village and local towns particularly Bedford and Milton Keynes.


Cranfield Students’ Association at Cranfield.
CSA President: Ali Alderete Peralta
Telephone: 01234 754082

Building 114
Cranfield University
MK43 0AL.

CSA Services
Telephone: 01234 754094

Cranfield Students’ Association at Shrivenham.
Telephone: 01793 785444

CSA Shrivenham
c/o Faculty Services
Slim Building
Cranfield University
SN6 8LA.

In person
Drop in session every Wednesday lunch-time, 1-2.30pm, SLIM 23