Cranfield University Short Courses

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Cranfield University Short Courses

Accident Investigation for Aviation Management

A two-week course on how to conduct air incident and accident investigations within your organisation’s safety management system.

Activated Sludge and Biological Nutrient Removal

A Cranfield short course providing understanding of the science and operation of the activated sludge (AS) and biological nutrient removal (BNR) processes

Advanced Control and Optimisation

This course will take you from the fundamentals of basic hardware components to the sophistication of digital control systems algorithms.

Advanced Control Systems

This course introduces systematic approaches to the design and analysis of control systems for industrial applications.

  • Advanced Forensic Computing

    This course focuses on developing knowledge and understanding of advanced forensic computing techniques.

  • Advanced GIS

    The Advanced GIS course gives emphasis to the role of GIS in modelling environmental systems and the programming tools available to develop applications

    Advanced Negotiation

    The course addresses different types of negotiation across the spectrum of defence contexts.

    April 2017
    Cranfield University at Shrivenham

    Advanced Offshore Inspection and Evaluation

    Provides an understanding of the underlying science and application of a variety of inspection techniques used on structures in the offshore environment.

    Advanced Pyrotechnics

    Cranfield Univerity’s short course of Advanced Pyrotechnics .

    Advanced Technologies for Water and Sanitation

    This course delivers a holistic picture of the advanced technologies, covering relevant technical, economic and socio-political aspects.

    Cranfield Campus

    Advanced Turbulence Modelling and Simulation: Large Eddy Simulation…

    This course gives a detailed introduction to CFD modelling and simulation of unsteady turbulent flows, with a particular focus on LES and DNS methods.

    January 2017
    Cranfield Campus

    Advanced Welding Processes

    Gain understanding of advanced welding processes, including the physical principles, operating characteristics and practical applications of each process

    Aerial Photography and Digital Photogrammetry

    This course introduces techniques for the extraction of topographic information from remotely sensed data using softcopy photogrammetry techniques.