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Cranfield Rugby Club is the ideal place to come along, meet new people and play a sport that if you haven’t played before, you’ll grow to love and if you have played before love even more.

We are a club that is renowned for welcoming players of all levels, whether you’ve played before or like the challenge of learning a new sport, this is the place to come along. The atmosphere is fantastic with a great social aspect including frequent gatherings within the club enabling you to get the most out of your university experience.

Training is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays – 6pm until 8pm. This is located on the sports field (where the cricket is also held) by the Pre-School Building and MUGA.

Matches are on Saturday afternoons with socials occurring post match (fixtures lists will be up on our website) We play in a Merit League which helps us to maintain competition and a social aspect at the same time.

Fortunately for Bletchley rugby club senior section, there are some players who can be depended upon when the club needs to honour a fixture. Their names appear below.

Cranfield, with their ‘league of nations’ squad, of fit and capable french, italian and spanish players, two irish men, a canadian and a back line which quickly showed their usual game plan of keeping the ball away from the opposition forwards. What they lack in bulk up front is more than adequately compensated by the running and clinical passing within their back line.

So 12 Bletchley players set off with a mix of old and new faces and with 2 players lent from the opposition meant this fixture kicked off at Cranfield with 14 vs 14 in a Bletchley kit. Cranfield’s coach decided to match us for numbers to make it a more sporting contest, which was very gracious. Bletchley ranks then swelled to 15 shortly after the kick off, when Simon Morphy who appeared on the touchline hoping to watch, quickly joined us to pack down in the 2nd row.

Contact Details:

David Hayes (Captain)