Cranfield University Research Ethics

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Cranfield University Research Ethics

Research Ethics Policy

CU-RIO-POL-2.0 – V3

Cranfield takes its obligation to all its stakeholders to observe and maintain the highest ethical standards very seriously. These standards are embraced by the University and enacted by all its members. They include the Seven Principles of Public Life (the Nolan Principles) of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. These principles inform every aspect of University operations by staff, students and lay governors, and create the culture of academic freedom necessary for first-class research and education in line with the University’s objectives which are to:

  • advance, disseminate and apply learning, knowledge and understanding with particular emphasis on the disciplines of the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Management; and
  • promote and encourage the transformation and application of that wisdom, knowledge and learning for the benefit of industry, the public services, and individuals and for the wider public benefit.

Helping students to acquire a sense of professional and personal ethics in their work is an important part of the educational process the University offers.

The Cranfield University Ethics Policy supports all members of the University in meeting these standards. Practices relevant to particular areas of activity (for instance teaching or research) and particular members of the University (for instance students or staff) will vary in specific application, however the core principles will always apply.

Professional Conduct

All members of the University shall seek to conduct their work in a professional manner to the benefit of all the communities that the University seeks to serve. More specifically, they will not claim knowledge, competence or qualifications they do not possess. In their work members will (i) avoid harm to anyone, and (ii) where conflicts between professional positions arise, members will seek to resolve these with integrity. Integrity implies not merely honesty but fair dealing and truthfulness.