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Cranfield University Rebrand

University Rebrands: Maximise Impact, Minimise Backlash

IE’s MD and Brand Consultant, Ollie Leggett, spoke to a packed audience at the CASE Europe Annual Conference in Brussels. Ollie told the story of three failed university rebrands and the lessons we can learn, before being joined by Maddie McGowan, Director of Marketing, Communications and Development at Cranfield University, who helps to unpack the three essential principles required to avoid a backlash.

If you couldn’t make it to Brussels, you can now watch the presentation at your leisure. Listen as Ollie and Maddie explain the process they went through with Cranfield’s many internal and external stakeholders to research, refine, and re-express the University’s brand, which launched in July.

Below each video we’ve also included some useful timing pointers should you want to skip to a particular section.

Alternatively, click to visit the playlist on YouTube, where you’ll also find the entire 48-minute presentation.

In Part three, I interview Maddie about the recent Cranfield University rebrand. Between us we discuss the lessons that can be learned from university rebrands that have gone awry, and – together – we unpack three key principles of a successful rebrand:

  • Principle 1: The critical importance of internal engagement.
  • Principle 2: Do your homework. Understand why your advocates care about you, and what makes you distinctive.
  • Principle 3: Be confident. And be prepared.

Finally, Part four of the video includes questions from the audience at the end of the session, and some final summing up.

Do take a look at the videos and the full Cranfield case study, or give me a call on 0121 237 3860 if you’d like to discuss a potential brand project.