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By | 17th May 2017

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What should I know about Cranfield University?

I have an offer to do Msc Management and Entrepreneurship. I have heard conflicting reports, from it being one of the best business schools in Europe to it having horrible management and foreign lecturers who don’t speak English. Should I firm Cranfield? My other option is Loughborough Uni in London

From what I understand, Cranfield University maintains the status of being one of the best business schools worldwide. It may be useful to look at the university website (although I am sure you have already done so, I will still link it here just in case: Cranfield School of Management). Here is a 2-day old article about the School of Management, which details an additional accolade to their Global top-10 position for customised executive development: Best in world for Customised Programmes’ international reach. Unfortunately I know very little about Loughborough University but I am sure it has also its advantages which you should do well to look into.

Hope this has been of help. Best of luck in your exciting decision!

I enjoyed my MSc studies at Cranfield and had only top-notch Brits who really knew their field and were generous with their time. If you are looking for an active social scene, be aware that Cranfield is located waaaaaay out in the country and you will be associating with the same group of people daily (and nightly). The library is small, but the librarians are awesome and will get anything you need for your research. If you do select Cranfield, be prepared for quiet study in a lovely, bucolic area. One caution: if you are in the residences during the winter, they shut the heat off at night – bring a hottie!! Sorry I have no experience with Loughborough, but London is attractive