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What should I know about Cranfield University?

I have an offer to do Msc Management and Entrepreneurship. I have heard conflicting reports, from it being one of the best business schools in Europe to it having horrible management and foreign lecturers who don’t speak English. Should I firm Cranfield? My other option is Loughborough Uni in London

From what I understand, Cranfield University maintains the status of being one of the best business schools worldwide. It may be useful to look at the university website (although I am sure you have already done so, I will still link it here just in case: Cranfield School of Management). Here is a 2-day old article about the School of Management, which details an additional accolade to their Global top-10 position for customised executive development: Best in world for Customised Programmes’ international reach. Unfortunately I know very little about Loughborough University but I am sure it has also its advantages which you should do well to look into.

Hope this has been of help. Best of luck in your exciting decision!