Cranfield University New Logo

Cranfield University New Logo

cranfield university logo

The Cranfield logo, or marque, embodies all the attributes, history and reputation of the University and becomes the focal point that unifies all the organisations and activities of Cranfield. As the marque is our most important visual asset, we should always apply it correctly.

There are rules for its colour, size, positioning and rendition. Please follow these accurately, so that all communication pieces are consistent.


  • The recommended logo size is 55mm (A).
  • The minimum size is 20mm (E) for exceptional circumstances
  • We recommend the usage of these sizes, wherever possible, for standard page formats, as illustrated.
  • The exclusion zone (indicated by the dotted line) (D) is the minimum area around the logo that must remain clear of typography or any other graphic device. The formula for the exclusion zone applies to all sizes of logo reproduction. The 10mm exclusion zone is based on the A4 size logo and should be scaled appropriately to other page formats.

Logo Colour usage

  • When on a white background the logo should appear in Dark Grey (Pantone Cool Grey 11 C, 60% Black or Process equivalent). (A) More information on colour can be found on page 18.
  • The logo can also be used within the angled lozenge over dark colours or images if the design allows. This then enables it to appear correctly in grey on a white background which is always the preferred choice. (B)
  • The logo may also be reversed out white when the background is dark or if the colour logo appears illegible. (C)
  • Placing the logo directly over imagery should be avoided if possible but if it is necessary always take care to ensure that it is legible at ordinary viewing distances. (D)


  • The logo must always appear at the top right hand side of the page on all printed material.
  • Ensure the correct distance is maintained from the corner of the page – 10mm from the top and 10mm from the side (A).

(A) 10mm 10mm Exception

  • The only instance where a School can use its own logo is The School of Management. It is positioned and sized the same.

Positioning of partner logos

Logos should be positioned either top left within the lozenge or bottom right as shown in the example right. In both instances logos should be in line with the Cranfield logo, either top or right.

All partner logos need to be reproduced so that they are visually no bigger in size than the Cranfield logo. This ensures balance in design. All logos need to be of high quality reproduced from original artwork files (ie not scanned from printed material) at 300dpi.

Permission to use partner logos

If you want to reproduce partner logos on Cranfield material, this implies an endorsement of our activity by the external company, therefore permission should always be sought from the Marketing or PR department of an external company before their logo is used.