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By | 16th May 2017

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Cranfield University MIRC

MIRC is an information service dedicated to the Cranfield University School of Management. We are located at the heart of the School, on the first floor of Building 111. As part of Cranfield University Libraries, MIRC has its own team of information professionals to support the School’s students and staff.

Cranfield University Libraries include both MIRC and the Kings Norton Library. Students and staff of the University are welcome to use both facilities.

MIRC staff

John Harrington Head of Learning and Research Support
Mary Betts-Gray Business Information Specialist
Sheila Chudasama Business Information Specialist
Tracey Nunn Business Information Specialist
Annette Sandford Business Information Advisor
Karen Stokes Business Information Specialist

For more information on staff, view the MIRC staff page.

Located at the heart of the School, the Management Information and Resource Centre (MIRC) is the library and information service of the Cranfield School of Management. MIRC has a dedicated team of information professionals to support the School’s MBA, MSc, PhD and DBA students, along with faculty, staff, executive development clients and alumni. Staff work closely with faculty to ensure that our services reflect the needs of our user groups. Our extensive collection of electronic resources for learning and research is amongst the most comprehensive to be found in any management school.

MIRC is part of Cranfield University Libraries and is open to all University members.


Can we help? Contact the MIRC team. Email or call +44 (0) 1234-754440