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By | 16th May 2017

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Cranfield University KTP

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is a UK-wide programme that has been helping businesses to innovate and grow for over 40 years.

A KTP is a three-way partnership between your business, a UK University, and a graduate.  The knowledge is developed and transferred into the business by the graduate, known as the ‘Associate’, who is employed by the University but works at the business.  KTP partnerships seek to create the capabilities the business needs to develop its products or services.

The partnerships vary in length between 1 and 3 years and require a connection to the longer term strategic intent of the business – access to new markets, increases in sales income, reductions in cost and increases in profitability, for example. The project benefits the University in terms of research, publications and enhanced relationships with industry. This provides a significant, lower risk advantage for innovation.

KTP is part funded by a grant, so you will need to contribute to the cost.  The amount you will need to contribute is dependent upon the size of your business, and the length and scale of the project.  SMEs can expect an annual average contribution of approximately £23,000, and large businesses can expect an average annual contribution around £30,000.

We currently have a number of exciting Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) projects in our portfolio, including:

British Sugar Plc

We are working with British Sugar to develop a decision support tool that optimises the harvest management of sugar beet.

TotalSim Ltd

We are working with TotalSim to develop a new business to sell the next generation of aerodynamic, high performance, bespoke sports clothing solutions for professional athletes and high-end sports enthusiasts.

Overview Ltd.

We are working with Overview to develop and build new in-house advanced motor control capabilities to support innovation in the design of advanced stabilised camera platforms for surveillance and broadcast applications.

Midland Lead Operations Ltd.

We are working with Midland Lead to develop and significantly improve the direct machine casting of lead sheet with the improved efficiency of production measurable by an increase in material yield and a reduction in energy input.

bigHead Bonding Fasteners Ltd.

We are working with bigHead Bond Fasteners to add to the company’s existing business capabilities by building a new business offering that provides manufacturers with high volume product and process solutions for the integration of bigHead fasteners into composite manufacturing processes.

Design Rule Ltd.

We are working with Design Rule to develop new in-house capabilities to offer Manufacturing SMEs novel, quick and easy to deploy processes/methodologies/software to improve their product lifecycle management systems taking advantage of Industry 4.0 (the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies).

iDirect UK Ltd.

We are working with iDirect UK to add additional value to the company’s current software product in a new and innovative way to give customers a better understanding of their network traffic.

Meon Valley Business Travel Ltd.

We are working with Meon Valley Business Travel to develop an Internet Service Platform addressing the International Air Transport Association’s New Distribution regulatory standards for XML communication and trade in a global regulated environment by connecting the buying experience embedded into any travel movement.

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