Cranfield University Facilities

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Cranfield University Facilities

We have many world-class, large scale and national facilities that enhance the quality and value of our research and teaching. You can browse our facilities below or filter your results by using the search box on the right. Many of our facilities are available for external use.


  • Hexagon Loxham Laboratory

    A 600 metre2 temperature-controlled facility (1 Deg C control accuracy) which houses ultra precision machines for large, free-form optics production.

  • 8×4 Atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel

    The atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel is a purpose-built facility designed specifically to simulate flow fields associated with atmospheric winds.

  • 8×6 Wind Tunnel

    The 2.4 x 1.8m wind tunnel facility was designed to test and develop air-vehicle performance.

  • Accident Investigation Facilities

    Cranfield’s Accident Investigation Laboratory supports the work which is carried out in the Safety and Accident Investigation Centre.

  • Aeronautics Centre

    The Centre has nine wind tunnels under the curatorship of the Aeromechanical Systems Group

  • Aero-structure Assembly and Systems Installation

    A unique facility for research into intelligent automation, systems installation and assembly of airframe and aero-engine structures

  • Air Traffic Management Laboratory

    Air Traffic Management Laboratory

  • Anaerobic Digestion Pilot Plant

    A demonstration facility for biological and thermal technologies for renewable energy

  • Analytical Laboratory

    The Cranfield Forensic Institute is proud of its excellent Laboratory facilities

  • Biomechanics Laboratories

    A world-renowned research group which are able to investigate human and biological remains in a safe and secure manner

  • Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel (BLWT)

    BLWT is an open circuit, blow-down tunnel which was commissioned, designed, and built by the Aeromechanical Systems Group

  • Cabin Evacuation Facility

    Cranfield has two aircraft cabin simulators, a Large Cabin Evacuation Simulator (modelled on a Airbus A380) and the narrow body Cabin Simulator (modelled on a Boeing 737) used for evacuation research.