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Edinburgh Designs Ltd has its roots in the Wave Power Group at the University of Edinburgh in the late 1970′s where the first force-absorbing wide tank was created to test Stephen Salter’s Duck wave power generator.  Since the company was formed in 1987, over 1300 paddles have been installed in 19 different countries.

Cranfield University required a towing tank specifically for testing renewable devices.  The tank had to be designed to fit within a restricted area, to impressive effect.  Three small wave absorbing flap paddles were fitted for generating waves up to 300mm and for absorbing reflections and cross waves. The design included a 3.5m/s towing carriage.


Professor Stephen Salter and his team at The University of Edinburgh build the first multi-paddle absorbing wave tank for testing the ‘Duck’ renewable device prototype.


University of Edinburgh create double ended narrow tank, 5 narrow tanks (1983,1985,1989,1994,1995)


First wavemaker created as Edinburgh Designs – 0.75 by 0.5m deep double ended narrow tank for Technical University of Nova Scotia, Canada


First commercial wide tank: 40 paddle 20m wide by 1.2m deep wide tank for University College Cork, Ireland


40 paddle wide tank with a two-axis carriage for the University of Ulsan, South Korea


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