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By | 12th May 2017

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Welcome to Cranfield & Marston Surgery

Cranfield & Marston doctors’ surgery provides the highest quality healthcare to patients in the area. Our doctors, nurses and all our other staff are dedicated to offering a professional service and this surgery website will help us to keep all our patients up to date with news and information about our practice.

Cranfield & Marston Surgery is part of NHS Bedfordshire. The Surgery works under a PMS system (Personal Medical Services), which is a local contract between ourselves and NHS England. All surgeries have to provide core services to patients e.g. dealing with acute and ongoing illnesses. PMS allows us to develop additional services specifically to meet the needs of our patients.

The Practice originally consisted of one surgery at Cranfield but due to a rapidly growing population a second surgery at Marston Moretaine was opened in 2002. A third branch surgery was opened on 1 June 2007 at Cranfield University for staff and students.

Practice Update Newsletter

For our latest update please click on the link below – Practice staff update , announcement regarding travel imms clinics and Christmas opening times.

 Practice Update

Cranfield University Medical Centre branch closure

Our recent application to close our branch surgery at Cranfield University Medical Centre has been approved by NHS England. This will take effect from 1 September 2016.

As you may be aware the Cranfield University Medical Centre branch has been closed, due to flooding, since June and we have been providing healthcare services to University patients from our Cranfield & Marston surgeries without disruption to patients who are already registered at these two sites.

This closure will now allow us to provide more comprehensive primary care medical services from our main surgery sites for all our patients. Additional appointments will be provided at both Cranfield & Marston Surgery.

New students will be able to register as normal during Registration Week at Cranfield University (further details to follow on the website). The registration process will not impact on those using services at Cranfield & Marston Surgeries.

Thank you to all our patients for your continued support.

Dr Ismail & Team

16 August 2016

For further information please see the letter below.

Letter to patients – Cranfield University Medical Centre Branch Closure

Named Accountable GP for All Patients

We wish to make you aware that all GP Practices are now required to provide their patients with a named accountable GP. Informing you of your named accountable GP by 31 March 2016 is a contract requirement set out by NHS England.

At Cranfield & Marston Surgery the named accountable GP for all patients is Dr Imran Ismail.

The named accountable GP is required to take responsibility for the co-ordination of all appropriate services required under the contract and ensure they are delivered to each of their patients where required (based on the clinical judgement of the named accountable GP).

All patients, including children, will be notified of their named accountable GP when they contact the surgery, on repeat medication slips, as well as via notices in the Practice and on the website. New patients will be informed of their named accountable GP when they receive their registration forms.

Please note that you are still able to see ANY of the clinicians at the Practice.