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One of the greatest challenges faced by aerospace, automotive, energy/power plant manufacturers and operators is how to reduce total life cost and environmental impact of their products. This might be achieved by making these structures lighter, more durable, more reliable, or cheaper to manufacture, maintain and recycle.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Structural manufacture and optimisation – assessment of manufacturing processes and performance of existing/new structures to find new, efficient and low cost techniques and extended functional capability.
  • Fatigue and fracture – practical methods for meeting and experimental assessment of the durability and damage tolerance requirements of modern structures.
  • Damage tolerant design and manufacture – composite and hybrid structures, optimised for dynamic (including impact resistance) and static loads and weight.
  • Fault detection and health monitoring – structural health monitoring and damage detection using built-in sensors and smart structure concepts to optimise through life application and improvements in design.
  • Crash and impact response – development and application of methods for modelling of structures and materials under extreme loading. Experimental characterisation of structures and materials under extreme loading. Design and development of impact resistant/crashworthy structures.

We work closely with industry, non-government organisations and government agencies. Our clients include Airbus, BAE Systems, BASF, Bombardier, Boeing, Ford, GKN, Hexcel, Lola, Scott Bader and SAE International.