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Cranfield University Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is one of the most exciting fields in modern science. It is defined as the application of IT and computational methods to tackling biological challenges.

Our research focuses on the development and application of computational methods in order to unravel the complexity of biological systems. This involves the applications of machine learning and pattern recognition techniques to reveal hidden patterns in multivariate and high throughput datasets, as well as the application of the latest web technologies, big data storage and cloud computing to provide means for managing and visualising large datasets.

At Cranfield we work closely with colleagues in health and bioscience and food, applying our expertise in bioinformatics to help solve a range of biological challenges in partnership with our clients.

We lead and collaborate in diverse research and consultancy projects, both nationally and internationally. Our collaborators include Cambridge University, European Bioinformatics Institute. GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Aventic, UCB, Unilever and University of Athens.

About our research

We concentrate on the following key research areas:

• Analysis and interpretation of next generation sequencing datasets including de novoassembly, differential gene expression and SNP discovery. This also includes the refining and extension of our in-house Galaxy resource to facilitate internal access to research and analysis methods
• Application of machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms for interpretation of chemical and metabolomic data
• Data integration and modelling for systems biology
• Development of decision making tools and prediction models for food safety and freshness profiling
• Web application development and database front-ends for big data management and visualisation in omics research.

We also apply our expertise to a range of areas, including systems biology, drug discovery, toxicology, analytical methods development, biomarker discovery, food science and basic biology.

Our research is funded by government research councils (eg. BBSRC, EPSRC), the Wellcome Trust, the European Commission and several commercial companies.