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Apprentices can provide a major skill base required to rebuild UK manufacturing. Apprenticeships are about designing, making and maintaining products (manufacturing) and making things work (engineering). This competition is open to apprentices from all UK manufacturing sectors, including: aerospace, automotive, defence, energy, oil and gas, food, furniture, glass and process industry. The competition will allow the teams to stretch their imagination and further develop their team working skills.

Manufacturing on the Moon is an ambitious project, but is necessary to exploit opportunities on the Moon for the benefit of Earth. Lunar resources will become a vital element in space exploration and colonisation of the Moon in the 21st century. The development and operation of manufacturing plants on the Moon able to produce equipment, housing and spare parts locally to support a permanently manned lunar base is a distinct opportunity.

Research groups around the world are looking to utilise the low gravity level (1/6th of Earth) on the Moon to develop novel manufacturing technologies for lunar application (such as 3D printing) and construction structures and manufacturing techniques. Mining of lunar materials has attracted research teams to develop a new generation of mining equipment that could actually be manufactured and assembled on the Moon.

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