Cranfield University Application Deadline

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Cranfield University Application Deadline

The School operates a rigorous application and selection process.

We ensure that your cohort is comprised of outstanding, like-minded doctoral researchers. Before you initiate the application process by submitting a research outline, you should review the website to ensure that:

  • Your proposed topic fits within the School’s core research areas (see Management Themes, Research Centres and PhDl Opportunities).
  • A potential supervisor for your research topic is identified.
  • You meet the admission / English language requirements (please note that School of Management expects an IELTS of 7.0 in order to be accepted for the PhD programme).

You should also be prepared to submit a more detailed research proposal*, which includes a literature review; if a potential supervisor expresses interest in your topic.

*The Research Office can arrange half day passes to access School library for developing proposals.

There is a two-stage application process for the PhD programme.

Two Stage Process

Please note the deadlines for each of these stages and that there are different deadlines for submission of the formal online application form (stage 2) for candidates seeking partial/full funding, and those who will be self-funded either as full-time or part-time researchers.

Stage 1

To be considered for the programme you must, in the first instance, submit a research online. Your outline will be assessed by at least one member of the academic staff against specific criteria. After a preliminary assessment, your outline will be circulated to appropriate members of faculty for consideration. You will be notified at this stage should we be unable to provide supervision or your outline is not of appropriate quality.

It is essential that you submit your outline early in the year (we suggest between October and January) to ensure you can meet the formal application deadline of end of March (if you are a full-time applicant seeking a partial or full scholarship) or end of May (for self-funded full-time and part-time applicants). You will need to allow several weeks for your more detailed proposal to be considered.

Stage 2

When a member of faculty expresses interest in your outline, you can expect to receive feedback on it from him/her and be invited to develop your research topic further with a literature review; ideally you will also meet your potential supervisor in person. We attach great importance to the researcher/supervisor relationship and this is an essential part of the recruitment process. A decision by your potential supervisor to shortlist you at this stage will require you to:

  • Complete the University’s online application form (please note this is available only to candidates whose proposals have received prior approval) and, provided you meet the admission/English language requirements
  • Take three admission tests, and, provided these are satisfactory
  • Have a formal interview.

Please note that approval of your outline and proposal by a potential supervisor does not guarantee a place on the programme. Candidates are shortlisted for interview following completion of stage 2 of the application process, and the offer of a place is decided by the Director of the PhD Programme and interview panel.