Cranfield University Annual Report

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Cranfield University Annual Report

The report below outlines the achievements of the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility across our 10 year timeline.

The Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility is a practice-focused research centre within Cranfield School of Management, set up in 2007 with the support of the late Nigel Doughty – alumnus, successful businessman, and responsible citizen who was passionate about business being a positive force in society. We work to empower current and future managers and leaders with the knowledge, skill and desire to lead responsible, sustainably managed organisations. We ground our research, teaching and advice in sound management theory and insightful observation of corporate good practice.

This short publication provides an overview of our work during the 2014-15 academic year. Further information can be found in our termly e-newsletters and on the Centre pages of the Cranfield University School of Management website. You can also follow the Doughty Centre on Twitter. For factual information on Centre projects and publications and developments in the field of responsible business, see @DoughtyCentre; for Professor David Grayson’s personal commentary and perspective, see @DoughtyDavidG. Points of View offers short film interviews and comments.

Information on the wider School of Management’s commitment can be found in the School’s latest Communication on Progress 2013/14 to the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education.

Foreword by the Centre Director: Professor David Grayson CBE

Reflecting on the state of responsible business and corporate sustainability at the end of our 2014-15 academic year, three “Cs” stand out for me: Collaboration, Circularity and Complexity.

I am struck by how many business leaders now are emphasising the importance of collaboration in moving beyond the pilot-stage (what one Doughty Centre friend calls “pilot purgatory”) to achieve scale and impact. This may be businesses collaborating with other businesses and/or with NGOs, governments, international development agencies and academia. Mapping and understanding how, why and with what results business collaborates for sustainability has been an enduring theme of the Centre since we began. My 2013 book written with Jane Nelson from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard: Corporate Responsibility Coalitions: The Past, Present and Future of Alliances for Sustainable Capitalism (Greenleaf Publishing and Stanford University Press) described the evolution of generalist coalitions at national and international level.