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Go Abroad

Our Go Abroad schemes offer all Coventry University students multiple opportunities to gain international experience and acquire  knowledge, attitudes and skills and become globally-agile citizens and globally-employable graduates.

Our exciting programmes are open to all Coventry students and offer various opportunities to Work, Study and gain valuable experience outside the UK. Coventry University strongly believes in offering all students the opportunity to go abroad and funding is available to help support those students who decide to take this challenge.

Information on each of our different projects is available below.

Go Study

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad programme – also known as Go Study – gives students the chance to study outside of the UK at one of our partner universities.


Why study abroad?

Coventry University believes that students benefit from an overseas experience. Students that study in another country acquire a broader range of skills and employers will be more likely to choose them because of their additional offerings along with their degree.

University graduates that study abroad and develop adaptability and foreign language skills will have a competitive advantage on the international job market and be more likely to achieve success in their career.


Where can I study abroad?

Each year many students from Coventry University spend between three and 12 months studying abroad. You have the option to study in the EU or study outside the EU.

The Centre for Global Engagement (CGE) promotes and sources opportunities for Coventry University students to participate in a wide range of international activities. Every year hundreds of students receive financial support towards a project or a placement with an international dimension. Our International Experience opportunities are open to UK, EU and overseas stu​dents.

According to the British Council and The Higher Education Funding Council for England data – gaining international experience makes you more employable. Students with international experience also obtain higher starting salaries, develop the global skills employers require and achieve better career progression, so what are you waiting for?!