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Wind and smoke tunnels

Wind-tunnel-EEC-Coventry-UniversityDesigning and modelling cars and planes is challenging but in the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing you can test your concept to the limit. As a motorsport or aerospace student you will be a regular visitor to the Wind and Smoke Tunnels where models can be put through their paces in a Low Speed Wind Tunnel, Smoke Tunnel and even a Supersonic Tunnel, giving you the experience of working in a real project environment.

Low Speed Wind Tunnel

The closed return circuit tunnel is a crucial piece of equipment, enabling you to vary the air velocity in the test section between 6 and 52 metres per second. Automotive and other non-aero models can have drag, side and lift forces, pitch, roll and yaw movements measured and co-efficients from the data calculated.

You can discover if your aerofoil design will really work – by using a TEM three component parallel motion beam balance in the tunnel to focus on the aerodynamic forces on your aerofoil, measuring its lift force, drag force and pitching movement.



Wind tunnel

Wind tunnel with an open jet working section was designed and supplied by Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One team. It will accommodate 25% automotive models, and supply air at a maximum velocity of 45m/s with a six component balance to measure the induced aerodynamic forces.

Rapid prototyping and laser cutters

Coming up with great designs is one thing, but there’s nothing to beat turning those visions into reality. That’s precisely where we step in to help bring you bring your projects to life with our well-equipped Rapid Prototyping and Laser Cutters Workshop helping you develop your concept from drawing board to prototype.