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200px-ConnectWhat is Connect? Connect is a complete remote access VPN solution developed by IT Services. By using Connect Coventry University Staff, Students and Partners have a range of options to connect to University Network and Systems.

What do I need? You will need a device such as a Laptop or Desktop PC and a connection to the Internet. For home workers, partners and some advanced uses you can optionally use a Connect Hardware Client (similar to a home ADSL router) to enable a permanent, always on connection.

How do I use it? If you are a current staff member or student the good news is that Connect is ready to be used and can be found at Simply refer to the User Guide for more instructions on how to use this service. For more advanced uses you should request access by sending an email to

Is this safe? Yes. There are a number of ways to use Connect but each one uses a high level of security and encryption to ensure the data you transfer cannot be seen by anyone else.

Where can I use this? Connect has been designed to be used anywhere you can get an internet connection. If you can access the internet and surf websites beginning with https then you can use Connect.

What can I use Connect for? Connect will connect your device as if it were wired into a University Network port. If you have University applications installed on your device then you will be able to run these as if you were sitting at your desk. You can also use Connect for access to your mapped network drives. However, if you do not have these applications installed or you do not have drives mapped already you are probably better connecting to the University using one of our Terminal Servers which provides you with a full remote desktop and applications ready to use.