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Coventry University Qualifications

Coventry University Qualifications

Entry requirements for UK, EU student

Coventry University has an established tradition of accepting a wide variety of qualifications studied by students in schools. However, the University reserves the right to specify which qualifications can be used to assist applicants in meeting a conditional offer made by the University.

We also have information on entry requirements for International students, sorted by your region.



 Some courses have interviews as a mandatory part of the selection process. Other courses may offer a voluntary interview to help you and the course team confirm the course is a good fit between your motivation and abilities and the demands of the course. However, if the interview is successful you may not require as many UCAS points as a standard offer would require.


GCSE requirements

Coventry University requires applicants to all undergraduate courses to have five GCSEs at grades A* to C including English Language and Mathematics. This is an essential requirement for entry. In some cases we will accept other Level Two qualifications that are equivalent to GCSEs; however this is not the case for all of our courses. A limited number of courses do not require GCSE Mathematics. This exemption is indicated in the Entry Requirements section of the relevant course pages. Check our Equivalent Qualification Information for the equivalent Level Two qualifications that we will accept for entry: we have separate information for those entering in the 2015/6 academic year, and for those entering in the 2016/7 academic year.



A-Level applicants are required to have three
 A2 Levels. Coventry University may include AS grades within an offer but we are not able to accept two AS Levels in place of one A2 Level. In some courses it may be necessary for entrants to have passed specific A2 Levels in nominated subjects. Please see the course pages for more information.