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Progression to Higher Education

The Student Recruitment Team offers outreach talks and workshops to highlight the benefits and opportunities that Higher Education can bring to your students. We offer aspiration-raising support in school and at the University. If you would like to arrange a session, please contact us at


Talks in School/College

Why HE?

Let’s start at the very beginning. This talk introduces Higher Education and the benefits of progression to university. It also covers the key points for students to consider when deciding on their next steps.

Why Coventry University?

Everything the University has to offer your students, both inside and outside the lecture theatre, entry requirements, and graduate opportunities for Coventry University students.

Researching Universities and Courses

Now that your students have decided university is for them, this talk will provide them with the tools to make the right decisions about universities and courses. The session also tests your students’ knowledge on where certain universities are in the UK, gives examples of degrees that they can study and includes a celebrity degree quiz.

(Also available as a workshop)

Perfecting your Personal Statement

A critical part of the application process, this talk will give your students the support they need including tips for success, as well as highlighting the pitfalls to avoid.

Student Finance

This talk will show your students what financial support is available to them. Focusing on fees, loans, scholarships and bursaries, they will understand the importance of student finance without being scared by the prospect of organising it.

Student Life

Delivered by our Student Ambassadors, current Coventry University students, this talk will give your students a real insight into what lies ahead at university. Introducing the highs and lows of being a student and explaining why our students decided Coventry was the university for them.