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Office 365 Upgrade Faq’s

Q: What website do I login to for access to my Office 365 account?

A: The website URL has been changed. You now access your email at

Q: What username do I use to login to Office 365?

A: You will use the same username and password that you used previously to access your email.

Q: What are the Web Browsers/Mobile Phones that work with Office 365?

Supported Web Browsers


Supported Mobile Phones


Q: Will my mailbox size be the same once I’ve been upgraded to Office 365?

A: Your mailbox will be increased from 10GB to 25GB as part of the upgrade process.

Q: Previously provided full access to SkyDrive. What happens to my SkyDrive accounts and data?

  1. After the upgrade, you will have two accounts:
    • An Office 365 account. This account is managed by Coventry University IT Services and is used to access all Office 365 for education services while you study with us.


  • A personal Microsoft account. This account can be used to access existing SkyDrive content, Messenger, Zune and Xbox settings. There are several important differences between the personal Microsoft account and the user’s previous Live@Edu account:


  • The Microsoft account is now a personal account for each user.
    • This account uses the same username and password as the Live@Edu account did
    • Note that this can be confusing for users, since they now have two accounts with the same username


  • The Microsoft account can’t be administered by Coventry University.


Q: Will there be any downtime to my Email or SkyDrive?


A: No. All students will have access to their emails, SkyDrive, and other Microsoft services throughout the upgrade process.


Q: Can you stop the upgrade as it is an important time of the year?


A: Unfortunately no as it is our supplier (Microsoft) that is performing the upgrade. We have already delayed the upgrade to Office 365 on two occasions.


Q: I have setup my phone to and it has stopped working after the upgrade. What do I do?


A: IT Services will update the Service Desk and send out an email to all students on how to setup your phones once the details have been finalised with Microsoft. This will be provided to us shortly after the upgrade process.



We will continue to posts questions submitted to us here so check back regularly or contact our Service Desk Team in the Library.