Coventry University Odp entry requirement

Coventry University Odp entry requirement

University Course Code: HLSH017
BTEC IB Diploma GCSE requirement
MPP in the BTEC Level 3 Extended National Diploma in Health and Social Care Related subject (will accept Sports Courses). 24 points 64 UCAS tariff points andminimum 5 GCSEs at A*-C including English Language, Science and Mathematics, or specified equivalents.


Applicants will also be required to attend a selection event, which provides detailed information about the course and assesses numeracy and literacy as part of the selection process. Satisfactory health clearance and Disclosure and Barring Service required. Evidence of experience of health care e.g. residential or nursing homes, voluntary work with elderly/children/disabled care assistant work or work-based placements in the care sector is required.

You will also need to sit a maths test as part of the selection process. Try our sample maths test here.

In line with the National Health Service Constitution we use a values based recruitment approach in seeking candidates with the appropriate values to support effective team working in delivering excellent patient care.

Unconditional offers

We want to recruit the best students to Coventry and having assessed applicants’ past, current and predicted performance and commitment to the course we feel that it is appropriate to reward consistently high-achieving students with an unconditional offer from a top university. It is a commitment from us with regard to an applicants’ potential as an excellent undergraduate and we hope that this will encourage such applicants to join the Coventry community.

Personal statements and references will also be taken into account and, for some degree courses, an interview will form part of the assessment. The criteria for unconditional offers will vary across the University as entry requirements for specific courses differ and not all degree courses will be taking part in the Scheme. The unconditional offer will be confirmed once a selected applicant has made Coventry their firm choice.

Why do I have to choose you as ‘firm’ choice?

Coventry University has assessed that you are capable of achieving excellent grades and we have demonstrated this belief by making you an unconditional offer. This is our commitment to you so then we ask that you reciprocate this commitment by selecting us as your ‘firm’ choice and activating your unconditional offer.

What if I’m not taking A-levels?

We will consider other qualifications for a pre-result unconditional offer providing that you have an appropriate proven performance at GCSE (or equivalent) level and predicted grades in line with grades that we expect to see at A-level. Other qualifications that we may consider for a pre-result unconditional offer include: The International Baccalaureate Diploma, BTEC Level 3 qualifications, Cambridge Pre-U and combinations of qualifications (e.g. BTECS plus A-levels).

What if I don’t get the predicted grades?

An unconditional offer is what it says it is. So, if you don’t meet your predictions then your place at Coventry is still guaranteed. However, we would hope and expect that you continue to work hard to make the most of your potential and be best prepared to study at university level.

How can you be sure that I will achieve my predicted grades?

We can’t but our experience over the years has shown us that students like you with a track record of high grades and excellent predictions are very likely to achieve those grades. Our assessment takes into account all elements of your application to allow us to take a holistic view of your potential. There is still the opportunity to gain one of the Coventry University Scholarships if you achieve the required grades so there is a financial incentive to aim high. Unconditional offers are only made to individuals who have demonstrated their commitment so we believe their focus and determination is unlikely to waver in the final stages of their qualifications.

Am I able to defer my unconditional offer?

No, the unconditional offer is only available to those who will take up their place in 2017.

Requirement for international Students

Coventry University ODP Entry Requirements  for Europe