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Coventry University Netball Team


Coventry university netball club has strong values and commitment not just to the game we all have in common but to each other as friends supporting them through anything that they need, we are a close society. We welcome everyone that wants to join the club at any level from top players to beginners and to those who just enjoy the atmosphere of the society as social members.

We have been very successful in reaching the semi-finals of the midland conference cup, we have also had success in winning varsity this year against Warwick who are a division above us. Additionally we have had success in the leagues 3A, 3B and 6B that we partake in every week for our three BUCS teams. We like to volunteer in the community, we have attended schools in the local community and taught years 3 and 4 netball.

We regularly go out as a club, in themed evening or fundraisers where we welcome anyone to come as these events make the club stronger as we are a club not just on the netball court.

Coventry university netball club: Fun, Friendly, Fierce.



Aims and Objectives of club:

  1. 1st team promotion in BUCS.
  2. Maintain 2nd team position in present BUCS league.
  3. 3rd team promotion in BUCS.
  4. Development and maintenance of the development squad.
  5. Increase in voluntary work within the club.


Committee Members

President-  Megan Hayward
Vice President/Secretary-  Rhiannon Prestage
Treasurer – Hollie Stow
Tour Sec- Rebecca Peckham
Social Media Sec- Erin Jones
Wednesday Sec -Charlie Pettitt
Recreational/Development Secretary- Annabel Vardy


All Memberships are valid until 31st July 2017

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Coventry University
Priory Street
Coventry, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0) 24 7765 7688