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As part of the student experience here, we have an online platform that will allow you to access all of your course information. Your tutors and course leaders will upload the material to your relevant modules, which you will all have access to.

Your online learning platform is called Moodle.

To access Moodle, follow this link:

Your module structures will be almost consistent throughout the course of your study. Your module should consist of the following items:

  • Core Content- This will be where you will access the main content. You will see each resource is split into weeks. Inside each week, you will see a number of different sessions where the information for each session will be.
  • Supplementary/Additional Reading Materials- This area is for your tutor to add any supplementary information.

Assignments – This is where your assignment information will be located. There may be TurnItin areas set up for your assignment submissions within this topic area.



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