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These courses start in September 2017 and January 2018.

Available routes:

Finance MBA – BEST043

Management MBA – BEST116

International Business MBA – BEST040

International Sport Management MBA – BEST044

Marketing MBA – BEST042

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally recognised business qualification. The MBA is seen by many world-class business organisations as an essential passport that graduate students must acquire in order to enhance their managerial prospects/careers in a world characterised by strong global competition, new technological leaps, continuous change, corporate social responsibility (CSR), ethical and sustainable business management and the speed of change and its global nature.

Learning to manage in this business context requires new and higher levels of knowledge, business and personal skills. Hence, companies will continue to seek graduate MBA students with a view to renewing and refreshing their organisation and who possess the skills needed to implement change, to turn threats into opportunities and to sustain and improve their organisation’s competitive advantage.


Choosing to study an MBA at Coventry Business School will enable you to enhance your career prospects and as number one modern university and ranked 33rd overall in the Guardian League table we offer a very competitive package with our MBA’s structured to reflect the modern business environment and all modules are delivered by staff with specific research and industrial expertise. Furthermore the Business and Management Studies subject area is ranked 12th in the Guardian League tables.

Our Prestigious Leadership Lectures offer our students the chance to gain a real insight into the world of business with intimate talks from industry icons such as Julie White the Business Woman of the Year, Dean Walton Co-Founder and Director of Mask-arade who appeared on Dragons Den and Peter Robson who is the retired MD of Sun Hydraulics.

With an emphasis on enhanced student experience our course offers increased professor lectures and Field trips. Previous students have visited places and facilities such as Oman, India, Manchester United FC, BMW Mini and JLR offering them the opportunity to learn about business practises across the globe. Students will also be supported by the Professional Mentor scheme, which includes team managers from industry, entrepreneurs and Faculty Professors. As well as this our MBAs have a dedicated director and students’ forums and we offer all MBA students the opportunity to be involved in the GLP Programme.

You will also have the option of enrolling on the internship programme (subject to availability and acceptance). The internship can provide increased opportunities to undertake a workplace experience that can both enhance your employability and also enable a better understanding of theory in practice.

The University’s ability to deliver high-quality courses in a competitive market is evident in the 2013 Guardian League where we were ranked 33rd overall and 12th for our business school. We offer our students the opportunities and support needed to strive for a better future.

Please note that the fees for the International Sport Management MBA are different to the fees for the other four MBA courses: see the Fees and Funding section for details.


Coventry Business School offers a variety of MBA degrees reflecting the research and teaching strengths of the Business School staff and based on the requirements of contemporary businesses. They range from the more general to the more industry or business specific with each carefully designed to cater for the career aspirations and backgrounds of the graduate student.
Students can choose an MBA from the following named routes:

Finance MBA – gain critical understanding and evaluation of the forefront of corporate finance theories and empirical evidence, furthermore to understand the critical nature of financial risk. Make sound financing, investment and asset valuation decisions with reference to the implications of the efficiency of capital markets. Evaluate alternative financing methods and distribution policies.

Management MBA – explain and evaluate different approaches to entrepreneurship and innovation, understand and be able to justify the need for change, creativity and innovation. Furthermore to apply economic concepts and the principles to resolve management challenges arising in different areas of decision making. Analyse the contemporary national and international macroeconomic environment.

International Business MBA – appreciate the nature of global business activities and conduct a competitive analysis in order to select the best country market and identify and determine best entry mode strategy for the target country and develop the marketing plan.  To analyse and critique a range of current and emerging global logistics & supply chain practices, trends and any subsequent issues that may arise. Also to gain comprehensive understanding of globalisation and its impact on logistics and supply chain management.

International Sport Management MBA – demonstrate an understanding of the organisation of sport, its variety across nations and sports, and evolution over time. Critically analyse governance issues and their implications for the management of sport. Assess the key stages in sponsorship management and to critically evaluate the use of sport sponsorship by sponsors and rights owners. Please note: this course is September entry only.

Marketing MBA – critically analyse and apply information on the business environment, markets and buyer behaviour, within the context of given international marketing situations and to propose and justify integrated marketing plans.  Apply and synthesize principles and precepts of marketing management in operational marketing planning functions.

In short, the MBA is a means of enhancing your career prospects as well as ‘opening doors’ for future middle and senior managers; our aim is that the Coventry Business School MBA will enable you to meet your current and future career aspirations successfully and quickly.


Semester 1 modules

  • Principles of Marketing;
  • Financial Analysis and Decision-Making;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Strategic Analysis.

Semester 2 Modules (Pathway modules are also taken in semester)

  • Corporate and Ethical Social Responsibility;
  • International Leadership;
  • Managing Change across Cultures.

Semester 3

  • Dissertation, or
  • Company Internship.


The specialist pathway modules for each MBA award route are listed below:


Finance MBA – BEST043

Corporate Finance

Financial Risk Management


Management MBA BEST116

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Economic Environment of Business


International Business MBA BEST040

International Business and Global Strategy

Global Supply Chain and Logistics


International Sport Management MBA BEST044
Please note: this course is September entry only 

Sport Organisation and Governance

Sponsorship Endorsement and Naming Rights


Marketing MBA BEST042

Global Marketing

Strategic Marketing Management


Assessment on your course will vary dependent on the module being studied.  Some of the modules are 100% coursework and others will be assessed through a mixture of coursework assignments and formal examinations. In addition to written tasks you may be required to do a presentation to ensure that you develop a full range of communication skills. Coursework can be individual or set in groups, which helps to develop your skills in team-working. Full assessment information will be provided to students before modules commence.


In a typical week you will normally have up to 14 hours of teaching contact with staff. In addition, you can meet with your personal tutor or lecturing staff during published “office hours sessions” which will allow you to discuss problems or investigate further topics that interested you in a lecture. An average teaching week will normally break down as:

  • personal/small group teaching – 1 hour of tutorials;
  • medium group teaching – 4 hours of practical classes, workshops or seminars each week;
  • large group teaching – 9 hours of lectures each week.

Please note, these times may vary dependent on course.

Entry Requirements

To commence the full-time MBA programme applicants must:

  • be an honours graduate of any discipline, obtained from a recognised university/HE institution, or hold an equivalent qualification acceptable to Coventry Business School in a business-related area;
  • have a minimum of two years post-degree full-time work experience in a management/administrative/ professional capacity;
  • hold IELTS 6.5 or equivalent if English is not the applicant’s first language.

Students who do not fit with the above entry requirements can gain entry but their degrees and experience will be assessed for appropriate content by the MBA Director.

AP(E)L will be assessed by the MBA Director through interview.

All non-standard admissions as detailed above are taken to the Faculty’s Accreditation Committee for approval.


Finance MBA – UK/EU students: £11,044 | International students: £15,156

Management MBA – UK/EU students: £11,044 | International students: £15,156

International Business MBA – UK/EU students: £11,044 | International students: £15,156

International Sport Management MBA – UK/EU students: £11,044 | International students: £15,156

Marketing MBA – UK/EU students: £11,044 | International students: £15,156


To find out more about how to apply, click on the Apply For This Course button above. Many of our courses offer a part-time study option. Note that the part-time mode of study is not applicable to international students, unless you hold a relevant visa – please check with the international office.

Please note: we have a range of taught postgraduate awards to suit your needs, from Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma to a full Master’s Degree (MA, MBA, MSc, LLM). In most cases you can decide to exit at Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma level, without carrying onto the full Master’s qualification.

How will this course enhance my career prospects?

The MBA is a means of enhancing your career prospects as well as opening doors for future middle and senior managers. A Coventry University Business school MBA will enable you to meet your career aspirations successfully and quickly.


As part of our MBA programmes students have the option of enrolling on the internship placement.

This module normally lasts between 8–12 weeks and provides students with an opportunity to undertake a workplace project on behalf of an organisation.

Coventry University Business School works closely with companies across the UK and Europe to offer a wide variety of internships.





Students must successfully meet the following assessment criteria:

  • Academic: successfully complete all Semester 1 modules including research methods at the first attempt;
  • CV shortlisting: submit a CV, which will be used for competitive short listing by the internship panel;
  • Presentation: prepare and successfully deliver a formal presentation;
  • Interview: interview with the University internship panel. 






After completing the Internship, you are required to write an extensive report based on the managerial and educational experience derived from the internship itself and present your findings to both the employers and academic staff.

Read more information on the internship programme offered by Coventry University Business School.


To prepare students for the challenges of the global employment market and to strengthen and develop their broader personal and professional skills Coventry University has developed a unique Global Leaders Programme.

The objectives of the programme, in which postgraduate and eligible undergraduate students can participate, is to provide practical career workshops and enable participants to experience different business cultures.





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