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Locate is the Library’s on-line catalogue and resource discovery system.

In the Books, Journals, Media tab you will find: books, e-books, print and electronic journals, streamed videos or DVDs and sound recordings. You will also find items from Coventry University’s Institutional Repository.

You can use the Subject Resources link at the top of Locate to search for journal databases by subject area (e.g. Westlaw, SAE, Academic Search Complete). You will also find other useful resources here e.g. newspaper databases, statistical websites and subject-specialist internet resources.
Use the Articles Search tab if you are unsure about which database you need to use and want to search for journal articles on a topic. You will need to sign in to Locate to do this.

If you want to browse our ejournals to see which titles we take you can use the e-journals A-Z tab.

Searching Locate

General Search Hints

  • Searching for a specific book. Search in the Books, Journals & Media tab by author’s surname and one or two words from the title e.g. Saunders business research.
  • Searching for a specific journal title to see if we have it in stock. Search by the name of the journal in the Books, Journals & Media tab e.g. British Medical Journal.
  • Searching for journal articles on a topic. In the Article Search tab search by keyword for articles on your topic.
  • Searching for media items. Search by topic in the Books, Journals & Media tab and narrow down your search by DVD, Video etc from the results list.
  • If you need help with searching Locate you can use our Ask a Librarian email service or contact your Subject Librarian.

Advanced Search Hints

  • Use “double quotation” marks to search for a phrase eg “supply chain management”.
  • To search for words with different endings use an asterisk after the root of the word e.g. comput* finds computer, computing, etc.
  • To search for a particular shelfmark, use the Advanced Search option and choose ‘Shelfmark’ from the first drop-down menu on the left.
  • Use the Advanced Search option to choose a particular resource format or to limit your results.

Login to Locate

Searching Locate

You don’t need to login if you just want to search.

Accessing Electronic Resources

Most Coventry University electronic resources require a username and password for off-campus access. Some also require this on-campus.  Use your normal Coventry University username (eg smithj27) and password to access most electronic resources.

The most reliable way to access databases is via Locate. You will then be taken to the correct link and be prompted to login if necessary.

If you have any problems accessing any of our electronic resources please ask at an enquiry desk, contact your Subject Librarian or email Ask a Librarian.

Accessing your account or renewing your books

Login to Locate if you want to access your account, request a hold on a book that is already on loan or to renew books.

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