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Student Hardship Fund

Most students face a significant strain on their finances throughout their academic life. The financial burden can be even harder for some.

Coventry University’s Student Hardship Fund provides grants and loans to help students in times of need. The Fund is vital for students who are struggling to find resources to pay for equipment or materials that can help them progress.

In the past, the Fund has helped students with disabilities who have required more academic support. While eligible students can apply for the Disability Student Allowance (DSA), there is often a shortfall and the Student Hardship Fund helps to bridge the gap. This additional funding has supplied items such as specialist equipment for studying to providing non-medical helpers, such as a notetaker, reader or specialist tuition.

Hundreds of students apply for support through the Hardship Fund every year but changes to Government funding mean there is less support available. A significant sum now needs to be sourced through donations so that students can continue to fulfill their potential even when personal finances restrict them.

Many graduates have contributed to this Fund and your support is needed now more than ever.

“I nearly had to leave my course”

” It really made the difference for me – I nearly had to leave my course due to the struggle of being a single parent on student finance. I have a grown up daughter so I do not receive Child Benefit because that is only for parents with small children and I had to cover my living expenses for me and my family after being made redundant. I was only able to stay on the course due to the help I received from the Fund. I was able to continue with my degree when I would have been completely out of money.”

“My financial concerns caused great stress”

” I am a mature student and I already had existing debt. I fell behind with my bills and the Fund helped me. Going to University is a route to a better paid career and I would not have been able to achieve this without the support from the Fund. I am on a third year Adult Nursing course and at some points I was unable to work due to the sheer amount of course work involved. My student loan does not cover my accommodation and although the travel costs for my NHS placement were partly refunded by the NHS, I did not initially have the money to pay for this and it caused great stress.”

Before making an application to the Hardship Fund, students must have enrolled and taken out the full support available and be in receipt of the funding.

How to apply

If you are a student and would like to make an application to the Hardship Fund, please visit the Student Portal and search for Hardship Fund. Refer to the guidelines for the current year and make sure to read the eligibility criteria before making an application. Please be aware that this is a strictly means tested Fund and therefore payment is not guaranteed.


Please consider giving toward the Student Hardship Fund and find out more about donating to Coventry University.