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Your graduation is the culmination of your studies and is an important event for you and your family and/or your friends. In order to make this a positive, memorable experience, it is important that you register your attendance for your designated ceremony via NOVA by the deadline given. Unfortunately, if you miss that deadline you will have to attend the next appropriate ceremony (see Schedule) as we are not able to accept any late registrations. So if you want to graduate with the rest of your course, you must make sure that you register in time.

If you are not able to or do not wish to attend a graduation ceremony, you must make sure that the University has your most up to date correspondence address, as that is the address where your certificate will be sent. If you need to change your address, you can do this on SOLAR by no later than the date of your ceremony (for which, see Schedule).

Location: Coventry Cathedral

Located right next to the main university square, Coventry Cathedral provides a beautiful and unique setting for Coventry University Graduation award ceremonies.

About Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral is in fact two buildings, the preserved ruins of the ‘old Cathedral destroyed by enemy air attack in the Second World War and the iconic new cathedral consecrated in 1962 by Her Majesty the Queen, which is an inspiration to many fine artists of post war era and a place of world peace and reconciliation.

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Graduation schedule

Dates for our 2017 ceremonies are:

Wednesday 19 July
This graduation is specifically for overseas students, postgraduate students and research students awarded between April and July.

Can I graduate in July if I have a resit assessment?
No. Any students who have an assessment during the resit period will instead be eligible to graduate in November because resit results will not be confirmed until after the July ceremonies.

Monday 20 – Friday 24 November
All students (that haven’t already graduated) who are awarded after April and before the end of October.