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We understand that the decision to attend University, whether for undergraduate or postgraduate study, is not just an academic decision; it’s quite often a financial one as well. While you’re investing in your future, we want to make sure we’re helping you with fees and funding.

We support our students with our range of Coventry University Scholarships, including Sports and Academic Excellence. There is also our No Hidden Extras scheme for undergraduate students, where we aim to cover some of the mandatory costs of taking a particular course within the fee that you pay.

UK Fees

The fees for individual courses can be found by looking up the course on our Course Finder or by ordering a prospectus.

Course fees are calculated on the basis of what it costs to teach each course and we aim for total financial transparency. We do not think it is right for students in some subjects to subsidise students in other subjects.

The fees cover all essential costs of studying the course including core textbooks, printing, and mandatory UK field trips. We also make clear if there are optional activities that will have to be paid for; we want to make sure we don’t give anyone any nasty financial surprises.

Find out more about Tuition Fee Loans here.

Paying your tuition fees

Payments may be made to the University in person, by post, and, for certain credit and debit cards, by telephone or via our web e-payment gateway.

You can pay by Mastercard or Visa credit card and Solo or Switch debit card by telephone or via the web. Please note however that telephone and web payments will only be accepted where data matches our verification procedures.  

Online payments

To pay online, Coventry University students should visit our e-payment gateway for Coventry University, and CU Coventry students should visit our e-payment gateway for CU Coventry. 

Phone payments

To pay by phone, or make an enquiry, please contact the Income Team as below.

Team Type of query Telephone number Email address
Invoicing Tuition fee invoices, fee queries, fee sponsors, direct debits. 024 7615 2277
Treasury Methods of payment, bank transfers, e-payments, receipt requests. 024 7615 2255
Credit Control Discussion of overdue payments, blocking and exclusions, instalment plan arrangements 024 7615 2266


Payments in person

Payments in person can be made at the cash office based in the Student Centre, Gulson Road.

Student Centre cash office open hours: Monday – Friday 10.00 am until 16.00 pm

Please note: on the last Friday of each month we will close at 15.00 pm to complete our month end process.

For payments in person, generally all major credit cards are accepted, with the exception of American Express and Diners Club card. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Coventry University’. 

Payments by post should be addressed to:

Coventry University
Finance Income Team
Priory Street

Postgraduate Fees

There’s a lot to consider when undertaking a postgraduate degree, but one of the most important factors is how much the course will cost you. Coventry University aims for total transparency with all of our course fees. This means you know exactly what you will pay and when it is time to pay it and you know your fees will not subsidise students in other subjects.

Please read on for a breakdown of how our courses’ fees are constructed and how you can pay.

How much will my course cost?

Our postgraduate fees are calculated by what it costs to teach each course. Every course is divided into modules, which means courses that contain less modules have lower fees. Each module is worth between 10 and 20 credits, with you needing to achieve 180 credits to gain the full masters award.

To make studying more cost effective, some students choose to study part-time and plan their course around their personal or working lives. If you choose to do this you will typically earn 60 credits per year.

As an example of the way tuition fees work, please see our variety of payment breakdowns below. The fees were for our UK/EU students untertaking taught postgraduate degrees, which can be found on our lists of courses in September and courses in January.


September 2017

Full-time fees Part-time Fees
Per credit 10 credit module 15 credit module 20 credit module
£6,212.00 £34.51 £345.11 £517.67 £690.22
£7,374.00 £40.97 £409.67 £614.50 £819.33
£10,121.00 £56.23 £562.28 £843.42 £1,124.56
£11,044.00 £61.36 £613.56 £920.33 £1,227.11


How do I pay for my course?

Everyone is different, so we like to give you options to make as life as easy for you as possible. At the time that you enrol you will be asked how you would like to pay your fees and will need to commit to this method.

Flexible Payment Schemes

Our most popular choices of payment are through our Flexible Payment Schemes. These schemes give you the opportunity to pay in three different ways:

  • Full Payment Scheme – Pay your fees in one lump sum at enrolment.
  • Two Instalment Scheme – Pay your fees in two equal instalments, one at enrolment and one in December.
  • Eight Instalment Scheme – Pay your fees in eight monthly instalments via direct debit or card transactions from October to May.

For further information on these schemes, as well as support for part-time students, please visit our Flexible Payment Schemes web page.


What if I am being sponsored?

If your fees are to be paid in part or fully by a sponsor (such as your employer), you will be required to provide at enrolment a letter or Fee Authorisation Form. In the case of a letter from your sponsor, this should be supplied on company headed paper and state the amount of support you will be receiving and the academic year it relates to. After your enrolment your sponsor will be automatically invoiced.

The Fee Authorisation Form can be picked up from the University’s Finance Income team or downloaded as a PDF. This form should only be completed by registered organisations and companies, and should not be used if your fees are to be paid by family members, friends, etc., unless you are officially listed as an employee of theirs.

The completed form can be scanned and emailed to the Income Team at Alternatively, you can submit the completed form to the Income Team in person at the Student Centre or by post to the address below:

Coventry University
Finance Income Team
Priory Street