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University scholarships for UK students 2017-18

If you are a truly outstanding undergraduate candidate we may be able to offer you a Coventry University Scholarship. Coventry University Scholarships are awarded to recognise truly exceptional sports achievement and academic excellence.

There is an array of competitive scholarships that we can offer you to help with the costs of your education.

Subject to conditions, you can renew each of these scholarships for every year of your study. All of these scholarships have specific qualifying requirements, which you can find below.

There are various types of Coventry University Scholarships available. You can apply for more than one Scholarship but are only eligible to receive a maximum of one.

The Academic Excellence Scholarship

At Coventry University we like to recognise those students who are already performing well when it comes to their education. The Coventry University Academic Excellence Scholarship scheme is our chance to reward hard work and encourage those who have the potential to be an excellent undergraduate students.

The Academic Excellence Scholarship recognises high academic achievement and is available to students who achieve a certain level of A-Level or equivalent qualifications and maintain a particular academic level throughout their course.

The Academic Excellence scholarship is awarded at two levels. There are Level 1 scholarships available and Level 2 scholarships. Recipients of a Level 1  scholarship will receive £1,250, whilst recipients of Level 2  will receive £2,000. These Levels are assessed on academic achievement.

Students who achieve between 128  and 143 UCAS points will be eligible for Level 1, whilst those who achieve 144 and above UCAS points will be eligible for Level 2.


If you are an applicant who has been offered an Unconditional Offer for all of our courses except those in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, you will be considered for this scholarship automatically and do not need to complete an application.

Students with a conditional offer or unconditional offer for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities can still apply for the Excellence Scholarship.

Academic Excellence Notes for guidance

Academic Excellence Application form

Coventry University Sports Scholarships

This is an excellent Sports Scholarship support programme. Sports Scholarships are awarded competitively to approximately 30 new students each year who have the sporting ability to represent the University at a high level. Applications are open to all students participating in a sport recognised by Sport England.

Amount available

Sports Scholarships consist of two levels and offer either £1,500 or £3,000 in a mixture of cash and services per academic year. For more information see the Sport Scholarships pages or contact us at


The Coventry University Phoenix Scholarship  (unlimited places)

The aim of the Coventry University Phoenix Scholarship, which is worth £750 per year, is to reward well qualified applicants who achieve 120 UCAS points or above from a combination of qualifications.

The scholarship is also aimed at students from a postcode which is identified to have low participation rate in Higher Education (HE) of 2 or 1 as defined by the Higher Education Funding Council. To check if your residential postcode falls under our criteria (i.e. either a POLAR category 1 or 2), search for your postcode through HEFCE’s search page. For more information on the POLAR (Participation of Local Areas) classification, see HEFCE’s information page.

Phoenix Scholarship Notes for guidance

Phoenix Scholarship Application form


The Coventry University Partner Scholarship

The aim of the Coventry University Partner Scholarship (CUPS), which is worth £1,000 per year, is to reward high achieving students from Coventry’s Partner Schools and Colleges. The scholarship will be awarded to students who have achieved 120 UCAS points and are from a Coventry University  partner school or college.

As there are a limited number of scholarships available the scholarship will operate on a first come first served basis.  A list of equivalent qualifications will be available soon.

You can apply for both the Phoenix Scholarship and the Partner Scholarship, but you will only be eligible to receive a maximum of one scholarship.

Coventry University Partner Scholarship Notes for guidance

Coventry University Partner Scholarship Application form


Note that to apply for one of these scholarships, you must:

  • be a UK applicant to Coventry University or Coventry University London; (unless you are applying for the EU Academic Excellence Scholarship).
  • have applied for a full or part-time undergraduate degree course (with the exception of the Sports Scholarship);
  • be paying the full tuition fees for your course and mode; select Coventry University as your first choice (CF or UF);
  • meet all the specific scholarship criteria.


How do I apply?

If you are considering coming to Coventry and meet the eligibility criteria for a scholarship then please apply. You can apply for a scholarship prior to receiving your results or student ID. As some of these are limited you should apply as early as possible in the process to give yourself the best chance.

Application forms and detailed notes for guidance will be available soon.


Can I apply for more than one Scholarship?

If you meet the criteria for more than one scholarship then you can make an application for each scheme. A maximum of one scholarship can be allocated so depending on availability you will be required to select which scholarship you wish to retain.

Specific scholarships and bursaries

Ada Lovelace Scholarships

This scholarship is for first year female STEM students

Application process: students are to apply once they have accepted their place at Coventry University and before they start in October.

  • Scholarship: £1000
  • No. of scholarships: 30

Contact persons: Ben Grocott at or Marilyn Maddams at

Sir William Lyons Bursaries

This bursary is for students with a home address in the West Midlands studying an engineering degree.

Bursary: up to £1000

No. of scholarships: 10

Contact person: Deanne Dunstan at


National Express Scholarships/Bursaries

This scholarship is for UK students, 18–24 from the West Midlands, living in areas of low take up of Higher Education.

Bursary: £1000

No of scholarships: 10

Contact person(s): Deanne Dunstan at or


Barry Gidden Fund

This bursary is for final year undergraduates and postgraduates studying computer science and software engineering related degrees.

Bursary: £1000 each for an undergraduate and postgraduate student

No of bursaries: 2

Contact person: Deanne Dunstan at


Howard Wagstaff Bursaries

This bursary is for high achieving undergraduates studying engineering degrees with the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME)

Application process: this bursary can only be applied for via AME

Contact person: Professor Carl Perrin at