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Attendance at Coventry University London is essential, not optional. Our commitment to employability, enterprise and entrepreneurship ensures Coventry University London students are prepared for working globally.

Coventry University London therefore takes attendance very seriously. Full and punctual attendance at 100% of timetabled teaching, including tutorials, seminars, knowledgecasts, dissertations workshops, internships and work placements is expected.


  • If you do not maintain acceptable levels of attendance, you will receive a series of alerts. This could lead to your withdrawal from the course.
  • Full attendance is also a condition of the Tier 4 visa. If you are a Tier 4 visa holder and you are withdrawn from your course, we will need to notify the Home Office that you are no longer studying with us.  This will result in your visa being curtailed, and you will be required to leave the UK.
  • If you have a Financial Sponsor, we will need to report your non-attendance and withdrawal to your sponsor.
  • If you are a Home or EU student receiving Student Finance England support, we will need to inform Student Finance England of your withdrawal and your financial support will be stopped.

Student attendance is monitored and reviewed throughout the year. Students with 0 – 20% attendance in any monitoring period will be reviewed by Campus Registrar to consider immediate withdrawal.

We are committed to helping you achieve academic success. To do so, please ensure you are present for all timetabled classes. It is a good idea to check your timetable daily to ensure no changes have been made. You are further advised to register with your local NHS GP at the earliest opportunity.

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Attendance policy for supervised and off-campus modules

Attendance policy for supervised and off-campus modules (e.g. dissertations, internships, work placements).  Please see the policy below: