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Connect 2 University of Derby, Connect2 is a powerful and effective resource booking system for media centres and equipment loan desks – unique in its dynamic approach to organising resource discoverability and access. Online equipment reservations and inventory management support a calm and well-coordinated operation, and deliver an unrivalled student experience.

Connect2 has been designed with the student experience in mind. The usability of the system enables students to browse and identify the items they need, view availability, and secure them online with a confirmed booking in real time. It’s easy and it’s fast – students are able to do this on their own, with quick, confident system adoption and good borrowing practices every academic year.

Self-service reservations take the burden of coordinating bookings away from staff and give peace of mind that students have what they need, when they need it.

Booking management

With connect2, students and staff can secure all the items they need in a single transaction. This has wide-ranging benefits:

  • Management of booked items – if you need to alter the collection time, remove or add items, it’s painless when you’re dealing with a single booking
  • It’s easy to repeat complex booking requirements – just use the ‘copy’ and ‘recurring reservation’ features
  • It’s much less fiddly at the desk – there’s just one booking to look up per student

Rapid checkin/out

Connect2 supports fast checkout of equipment keeping queues to a minimum. It’s compatible with barcoding and NFC systems, so students and their bookings are instantly identified on the system. A reliable audit is available of all equipment loans, eliminating the need for any paper records.

Time pads can be applied between bookings to support staff in kit turnaround. If items are returned late, users can be fined or suspended from the system automatically, encouraging prompt equipment returns. Risk assessments can be built into the booking workflow to keep processes streamlined.