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Colleges Of Durham University

Our 16 colleges share a lot of similarities, with each providing a small academic community, excellent facilities, opportunities for personal development and a high level of support.

  • All colleges are within walking distance of lecture venues, study facilities, bars, cafes and shops.
  • Most colleges can provide accessible accommodation. Please contact your college to discuss your needs.
  • Postgraduate accommodation is single bedrooms only; no shared rooms except in the case of family accommodation.
  • All student rooms have internet access.
  • All colleges can cater for some special dietary requirements. Please contact your college to see how we may be able to meet your requirements.

However, every college has its own distinctive character, defined by its buildings, traditions and people.

Please note: If your course is based in Durham, you will be a member of one of our 14 Durham-based colleges, one of which is exclusively for postgraduates. If your course is based at Queen’s Campus, you will be a member of one of our two colleges based in Stockton.

College summary table

The total student numbers given include both full-time and part-time students. The four colleges that accept part-time/distance-learning applicants have approximately 250-300 of these students included in their Total Student numbers.

All colleges have a mix of both male and female students.

Total full-time
PG students
PG rooms
PG rooms

Single gender
blocks available
See key below*Gowns for
Formal Dinners**
Grey19591150140330%NFC & SCY
St Aidan’s194714002605080%YFCN
St Chad’s19045551653855%NFC & SCY
St Cuthbert’s1888130121740100%YSC & 10MN
Hild Bede18391363313650%NFCN
St John’s1909530160320%NFCY
St Mary’s18999101583532%YFCY
Ustinov (PG only)19651600160080075%YSCN
Van Mildert196596010064100%YFCN
John Snow (Queen’s)200110012512100%YPCY
Stephenson (Queen’s)200111006040100%YPCN

*FC: Fully-catered (during undergraduate term-time) / SC: Self-catered / 10M: Optional 10 meal per week package / PC: Part-catered (2 meals per week – at Queen’s Campus only)
**All colleges have special dinner events throughout the year called ‘Formals’. Some colleges practice the long-established tradition of wearing gowns at these events. Others are less formal and do not wear gowns to dine in.