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Performing Arts in London

This module provides an introduction to the Performing Arts in London relevant in particular for short-term visiting students.

  • Students will learn to critically review performances and engage in developing transferable skills in the area of art analysis.
  • The course will also refer to the historical and cultural background of the performances and explore the variety of art forms on offer in the capital and where they can be seen and heard. How the arts are funded and the arts funding process is also considered.
  • The course begins with an overview of English-speaking theatre with the Tudor monarchy’s relationship to theatre, Shakespeare and the Globe and then moves to contemporary times and modern interpretations of performance including dance, opera, musical shows and theatre. It discusses what is perceived as Art, and looks into the issue of High and Popular art.

Art forms discussed and analysed

  • Theatre – history, development, influences and venues
  • Dance (classic or modern) – development, movements and history
  • Opera – history and development, from its origin up to musicals, including their similarities and differences.

Students, accompanied by their lecturer, will attend performances covering these art forms.

Historic London

This module provides students with an insight into the development of modern London through its history and its historical landmarks.

  • Students learn to critically assess the historical influences which have shaped modern London through focusing upon a selection of districts which have contributed to the creation of the town.
  • Students will develop their ability to interpret and analyse the historical influences and pressures on the city from a historical perspective.

Students will visit various sites linked to historical landmarks or symbols

  • The Square Mile (City of London) and the City of Westminster – influences and historical development
  • The Great Fire of London and the Blitz – the impact of each of these disasters on growing autonomy and self-governance
  • The financial centre of the City
  • The legal and political systems and their associated historical locations
  • The Globe Theatre, its historical background and the influence of Shakespeare.

European Business Culture (EBC)

This course is designed for undergraduate students at Cass Business School as well as exchange students who want to understand European business culture in the context of the European Union (EU) and its relevance within the globalisation of our economies and societies. It is taught in English and does not require the understanding of any language other than English.

  • Throughout the course the students develop their knowledge of European business culture and its dynamics in today’s globalised economy from social, economic and political perspectives.
  • The course helps students to synthesise the most important information within this business culture and its relevance to creating and effectively doing business across the EU.