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City University London Unconditional Offer

Unconditional Offer Scheme

The City, University of London Unconditional Offer Scheme is intended to reward applicants who have demonstrated exceptional academic ability and promise in their UCAS application. To be selected for the scheme shows our confidence in an applicant’s contribution to City and their subject of choice.

In order to target those with impressive background, recommendation and potential, a small number of candidates will be selected for the Unconditional Offer Scheme in advance of them completing their examinations; these applicants will receive confirmation in writing, before receiving an amendment via their UCAS Track.

This scheme does not include all courses across City and for 2017 will be operating in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, the School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering and the School of Health Sciences.

How do you choose which applicants will receive an Unconditional Offer?

We are committed to recruiting students with the greatest potential to succeed. As such we are looking for candidates with an excellent proven academic record and who demonstrate outstanding promise. The Admissions Tutor will look carefully at your previous performance, your Personal Statement, the Reference and your predicted grades.

What do I have to do to accept the offer?

Your initial offer will be Conditional. It will be updated to Unconditional if you choose City, University of London as your Firm choice through UCAS. This will mean that you are committing yourself to City and declining all your other choices.

Is there a deadline for me to respond to the offer?

The only deadlines are those set for you by the UCAS scheme. You would normally be expected to wait until you have had decisions from all of your choices.