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What is the online store?

The store enables you to make secure online payments for City services and merchandise.

What kind of payments can you make?

Using the online store you can pay for a replacement ID card, for Short Courses, memberships to societies. You can also purchase City, University of London and City Students’ Union merchandise.

Where can I find information on using the store?

Click here to visit the estore


City, University of London is a public research university in London in the United Kingdom. Until 2016 it was the City University, London, or colloquially, just: City.

It was founded in 1894 as the Northampton Institute and became a university when The City University, London, was created by royal charter in 1966. The Inns of Court School of Law, which merged with City in 2001, was established in 1852, making it the former City University’s oldest constituent part. On 1 September 2016, City joined the federal University of London, becoming part of the 18 Colleges and ten research institutes that make up the University.

City, University of London, has its main campus in the Islington area of central London, with additional campuses in the City of London and the Holborn, Smithfield and Whitechapel areas of London. It is organised into seven schools, within which there are around 40 academic departments and centres, including: the Department of Journalism, the Cass Business School, and City Law School which incorporates the Inns of Court School of Law.