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Postgraduate and Post Registration Students: Term Dates 2017/18

Undergraduate and Pre-Registration Students: Term Dates 2017/18

Please note that these dates are subject to review and may change.

Autumn Term: 28 August September 2017-29 December 2017, with main student activity 25 September-15 December 2017

  • Holidays: 28 August-22 September
  • Student induction: 25-29 September
  • Teaching: 2 October-15 December
  • Holidays: 18 December-29 December

Spring Term: 1 January-13 April 2018, with main student activity 15 January-13 April 2018

  • Holidays: 1-12 January
  • Assessment period: 15-26 January [programmes with no assessments at this time may incorporate other learning activities, including teaching, during this period]
  • Teaching: 29 January-13 April

*Cass Undergraduate Programme run a set of specific exams prior to the start of the scheduled exam period. Please see our Cass Undergraduate pages for further detail.

Summer Term: 16 April-24 August 2018, with main student activity 14 May-29 June 2018

  • Holidays: 16 April-11 May
  • Assessment period: 14 May-8 June OR Teaching (and related assessments)/ Placement activity: 14 May-15 June
  • Summer Term activity: 11-29 June (up to 6 July for some placement activity)
  • Holidays: 2 July-24 August

The following term dates are different:

  • Nursing
  • Nursing Studies
  • Radiography
  • Midwifery

Details of the dates for these programmes will follow.

Public Service Management, Ophthalmic Dispensing, and Working with Children and Young People are taught with partner institutions. Please contact your programme administrator at either City or the partner institution.

BSc Health Sciences is a distance learning programme. Please contact your programme administrator for more information.