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City University London Quanto Costa

London offers some of the best universities in the world, you know. Taking a degree here can open several doors, even in terms of blazon. But if you want to enroll in the UK university, you know that capital is much more expensive than other cities. The search for a credit card company, Marbles, has explained how much, and we are not just referring to the recent increase in the ceiling of tuition fees, justified by the government with inflation adjustment.
On the right, on the banks of the River Thames, they pay 212 pounds a week on average, against 89 of Queen’s University in Belfast. The record is from SOAS University, specialized in Asian studies, on Africa and the Middle East.

It is not better with transport: the Oyster card, on average, costs 130 pounds per month, a drop in comparison to the 37 that pay for Dundee.
Do you want to watch a movie, maybe on a winter evening and offer your girlfriend an evening? Maybe you should take her to dinner, since an armchair can reach 12 pounds, while a kebab arrives “only” at 8.

Certainly depressing numbers. Experts refuse to take refuge in alcohol, in these cases, but if you can not resist the temptation you know that in the capital a pond costs average 4 pounds more than in most cities in the Kingdom.

Maybe it’s a good idea to go to the gym, to get some tension and get back into shape. You are in the right place, the one who seeks finds, and you’ve finally figured out where to save. In fact, City University students are the ones who pay most in London, at a cost of 22 pounds: little compared to a Warwick student, who sheds well 33.