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Entry requirements

This course combines an initial important investment in terms of learning of advanced economics and methods in mathematics and statistics, with the production of research papers at the frontier of knowledge in economics. During this journey, you will be supervised by staff enthusiastic about PhD supervision and research, and who have published papers in leading economics journals. You will participate to a vibrant research environment, attend seminars, discuss your research with other PhD students, and apply to attend additional specialised short courses or to present your own research in conferences –for which you might get financial support.

We have a wide-ranging but focused research programme, with an emphasis on rigorous economic and econometric modelling, but also a concern for practical applications in both private and public sectors. Much of our research involves collaboration, within the department and City more widely, and with outside bodies, for example NERA and the King’s Fund.

Research in the Department covers a wide variety of topics. You may want to join one of our research groups in Financial Economics, Health Economics, Behavioural Economics, Macroeconomics, Competition and Regulation, or the Economics of Immigration, or alternatively develop your research in other areas of interest to you and to the Department.