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Welcome to the Centre for Food Policy! We are one of the very few places in the world dedicated to studying, teaching and influencing food policy. Established in 1994, the Centre pioneered what was then a new approach to food policy, an approach that brings together policies that affect food production and consumption, supply chains, processing, retail, marketing and the impacts on environment and livelihoods, health and nutrition and so on. This holistic, food systems approach is the core of who we are and what we do.  It’s the way we will find solutions to so many problems in the world today.

We share our thoughts on the world of food policy on our blog: Dispatches from the Centre for Food Policy – sharing what we learn from listening to the world of food policy.Read the latest posts and subscribe here.

We have also brought together the work the Centre for Food Policy has done to date – 1994-2016 in a report published in December 2016. Read about our history of teaching, researching and influencing food policy over the years here.

Our perspective is global. While people experience their food system at a local level, what happens in the food system in one place is affected by what goes on elsewhere. What happens in wealthier countries affects low and middle income countries and vice versa. Better policies are needed at the local, national and global levels to leverage these connections and influence change.