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Cilex Level 6 Coventry University College

Cilex Level 6 Coventry University College

CILEx Level 6 Higher Professional Diploma in Law & Practice


The CILEx route to becoming a lawyer is low cost, flexible and quick. At CU Coventry you can study CILEx Level 3 and Level 6 over two years full-time. You can also opt for the part-time route should you wish to do so. The Graduate Fast Track qualification will only take you 6 months to complete.

Taking the Chartered Legal Executive lawyer route means you can earn-as-you-learn and gain valuable practical experience as classes are delivered on Saturdays and in the evenings.

There is no requirement to secure a training contract or pupillage when taking the CILEx route to becoming a lawyer. Graduates qualify and practise as Chartered Legal Executive Lawyers and they stand shoulder to shoulder with Solicitors in the legal sector.


This course is stage 2 of academic training for students who wish to become Chartered Legal Executive lawyer and is designed for those who have achieved the CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in & Practice and those who have an ordinary BA Law Degree (non-qualifying).

The CILEx Level 6 Diploma in Law and Practice is set and assessed at Honours degree level. Upon completion of the Level 3 and Level 6 qualifications you will gain graduate status.

Once you have completed the Level 6 Diploma in Law & Practice you will need to complete a period of qualifying employment to be able to apply to become a CILEx Fellow/Lawyer and use the designation FCILEx after your name.


Building on the CILEx Level 3 Diploma in Law and Practice, students are required to demonstrate a broad and detailed understanding of the law. The units are a combination of substantive law and Practice.