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AddressFinance Section 9Th Floor
Mckensie House
30 – 36 Newport Road
CF24 0DE
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VAT IDGB 615860927
VAT ID Status active (checked just now)
Company Register NameUniversity College Cardiff Consultants Limited
Company No.01477909 Show Register Report
Company Register Status active
Incorporation Date7 February 1980
Sector (SIC)72190 – Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
 Cardiff University Alumni – 6 loans  Alumni number required. Please email   
 First year of membership £10 or phone 029 20876473 to  Valid for 12 months
 (including VAT)  obtain this if you are planning to visit outside of   
       from registration
 subsequent years £25 (including  office hours. We can obtain it for you during office   
 VAT)  hours. Proof of ID will also be required   
 Personal – 6 loans  Available to members of the public  Valid for 12 months from
 £60 (including VAT)     registration
    Reciprocal scheme open to Academic or support   
 SCONUL Access (A-C)– 6 loans  staff, postgraduate research students (A), part-time,  Valid for up to three
    distance learning and placement students (B), full-   
 SCONUL Access (R) – access only     years or expiry date
    time taught postgraduates (C) & fulltime   
 No fee     shown in Sconul email.
    undergraduates (R) from SCONUL member libraries   
 Honorary title holders  Honorary titles are used to recognise the   
    contribution of individuals, who are not employees,   
 6 loans     Valid for up to 3 years
    to the teaching, research and other activities of the   
 No fee      
 GO Wales Graduate Academy –  Confirmation from GO Wales  Valid until expiry of
 2 loans No fee     programme
    Excludes staff from Cardiff & Vale & Velindre NHS   
    Trusts and GPs in Cardiff who are eligible for full  Valid for 12 months
 NHS Wales – 6 loans  Cardiff University staff membership   
       from registration
 No fee  Includes training grade doctors and dentists working   
    in Wales   
 NHS Wales – 2 loans  All other NHS Wales staff not listed above. Valid for 12 months from
    Includes Public Health Wales, members of NHS  
 No fees    registration
    Trusts, NWIS & Community Health Councils in Wales  
 Cardiff Libraries in Co-operation  Open to members of the following libraries within  
    the CLIC scheme: Cardiff Public Libraries, Cardiff & Valid for 12 months from
 (CLIC) – 2 loans     
    Vale College, , Welsh Government, Welsh Health registration
 £10 (including VAT)     
 Cardiff Metropolitan University     End of current academic
 undergraduates – 2 loans      
 No fee      
    Reciprocal borrowing arrangements in place  
 Royal Welsh College of Music &      
 Drama undergraduates – 2 loans     31st May
 No fee      
    Members of the public, WCPPE and LEARN non- Valid for 12 months
 Reference only access    from registration
    accredited course students and INSPIRE Members