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Cardiff University Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions criteria

We are looking to admit students whose potential to benefit from our research-led learning and teaching might be demonstrated through a range of qualifications and achievements prior to entry into Higher Education.

You will need to satisfy the relevant admissions tutor that you have achieved the necessary academic and non-academic criteria required for the programme of study.

Our online Course Finder and our undergraduate prospectus will help give you a broad overview of the entry requirements and typical offers for particular degree programmes. However, each of our Academic Schools publishes its own admissions criteria and you are advised to compare the criteria for both Schools if you are applying for a joint honours programme. For some vocational programmes with very specific or detailed entry requirements, including the MBBCh in Medicine (A100) and the BDS in Dentistry (A200), the admissions criteria are produced at programme level.

Admissions and selection criteria by Academic School/subject

This information will assist applicants in assessing whether they have the skills, attributes and qualifications which our Schools have identified as being important if students are to succeed on their undergraduate programmes of study. It also summarises the process which the School uses for selecting students and making offers, so that applicants understand how the School considers their applications.


For the BSc in Architectural Studies and the MArch (Part 2).


For all undergraduate Biosciences programmes.


For all undergraduate Cardiff Business School programmes.


For all undergraduate Chemistry programmes.

Computer Science and Informatics

For all undergraduate Computer Science programmes, including selection for the Computer Science component of joint honours programmes.


For all undergraduate School of Dentistry programmes.

Earth and Ocean Sciences

For all undergraduate Earth and Ocean Sciences degree programmes.