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Cardiff University Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for 2017 entry

Fee information for UK, EU and international students for 2017/18.

Tuition fees are payable to Cardiff University for each year of your course (including repeat years). For an approximate total cost, therefore, fees should be multiplied by the number of years of study.

Funding is available towards the cost of tuition fees, depending on where you live before starting your course. Check our loans and grants pages for more information.

Please note that fees for future years are subject to increase. These increases will be in line with government policy.

UK and EU students

Full-time UK undergraduate£9,000
Full-time EU undergraduate£9,000
Students on ERASMUS or study year abroad£1,350
Students on work/industrial placement year£1,800
Students on the work-based learning year of the BSc/MArch in Architecture50% of the full-time fee
Modern Chinese (BA)See note below

Modern Chinese (BA)

Unlike our typical year abroad programmes, this unique opportunity to gain a dual degree from Cardiff University and Beijing Normal University (BNU), is supported by means of a bursary. Typically, tuition at BNU costs around £4,500 per annum, however both Beijing Normal University and Cardiff University are providing a bursary for all students accepted onto this programme in the form of partial tuition fee contributions for Years 2 and 3. Students will therefore only be required to cover the standard Cardiff University year abroad fees for these two years.

International students

Undergraduate international fees 2017/18

International tuition fees for undergraduate programmes for the academic year 2017/18.


Students from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man

Band A – clinical courses£24,675
Band B – Engineering, Pre-Clinical Med/Dent, Science£10,500
Band C – Computing Science and Psychology£10,500
Band D – Business Studies, Social Science, Humanities and Language£9,000
Students on Erasmus year abroad15% of the full-time fee