Cardiff University Student Charter

By | 11th May 2017

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Cardiff University Student Charter

Our Student Charter has been developed through a partnership between students, the Students’ Union and the University.  It outlines the roles, responsibilities and expectations we all have to ensure you have a high quality experience whilst you are at Cardiff University.

We pride ourselves on the high level of engagement that exists between our students, the Students’ Union and the University, and we work together to enhance the Cardiff experience.  This experience will be unique to you, based on the choices you make and your level of engagement with the range of opportunities available.  The expectations laid out in our Student Charter demonstrate the range of possibilities open to you as a student of Cardiff University.  Taking advantage of these opportunities will help you to expand your knowledge and abilities beyond the educational experience.

The Cardiff experience relies on a successful partnership between the University, the Students’ Union and our students. At Cardiff you are studying in a successful, vibrant, multicultural and diverse University, set in the capital city of Wales. There is a strong sense of community that is characterised by the balance we achieve between our educational, social, cultural and sporting experiences. The Cardiff community creates an environment where expectations can be met and ambitions realised. Please use our Charter as a pathway to everything key to the Cardiff experience. We hope that you take full advantage of the opportunities on offer to you.