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Private accommodation

Learn where to find shared houses and flats in Cardiff, how much they cost and where you can stay while you search for a place to live.

Where to find private accommodation

Private sector housing

There is plenty of accommodation in Cardiff that is let out by private landlords to students. Such accommodation consists of shared houses and flats. Occasionally you may find a room in a house that you would share with the owner.

We recommend that you come to Cardiff one week before the start of your course to look for suitable private accommodation, as it is very difficult to find a place to live if you’re not in the city.

Cardiff Student Letting Agency

Cardiff Student Letting Agency is the best place to start looking for private accommodation. It is owned and run by Cardiff University Students’ Union. This letting agency is keen to keep the cost to students at a minimum and does not charge an agency fee.

Our Residences Office

The Residences Office has up-to-date lists of self-catering rooms, bedsits, flats and houses for rent. You can only access the list once you’ve enrolled because you’ll need your student username and password.

How much it costs

The cost of private accommodation will vary depending on the location, the size and quality of the flat or house, how many people you are sharing the accommodation with and whether or not bills are included in the cost of rent.

On average, the cost of renting a room in a house you share with others will be £310 – £370 excluding your bills for water, gas, electricity and insurance. Unlike University residences, where most bills are included, you’ll find that when you rent private accommodation you may have additional costs.

These are likely to include:

  • A bond (this is normally equivalent to one month’s rent and will be returned to you after you leave the property providing that no damage has been done)
  • Water, electricity, gas, telephone and internet bills
  • Insurance (we strongly encourage you to insure your personal possessions against damage, loss or theft)
  • Half-rent during vacations.

Where to stay while you search

If you’re planning to spend some time in Cardiff before you have arranged your private accommodation, you could stay in a hostel, hotel or bed and breakfast.